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Delhi-Dehradun Expressway connects India capital with the hills

The much-anticipated Delhi-Dehradun Expressway would link the busy metropolis of Delhi with the picturesque hills of Dehradun.

The Delhi Dehradun Expressway project aims to increase trade and tourism while decreasing travel time and distance. The Delhi-Dehradun Expressway and several connected topics in this essay.

The 210 km-long, six- to twelve-lane, access-controlled Delhi-Dehradun Expressway is currently under development and will link Delhi and Dehradun. The construction of the project, which would cross the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, will cost over 13,000 crores. By January 2024, the six-lane highway.

The initiative aims to cut the travel duration from 5 to 6 hours to 2.5 hours by cutting the distance between Delhi and Dehradun from 235 km to 210 km. For those who often have to make this trip, this will be a big relief. The highway would encourage the growth of tourism by making it simpler for people to go to Uttarakhand’s picturesque hill stations. The initiative is anticipated to increase job possibilities and stimulate the local economy.

The currently under construction Saharanpur-Roorkee-Haridwar Expressway would link Haridwar to the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway. This would offer a different path for those going to Haridwar from Delhi and will also help the tourist industry in the area.

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