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Siddaramaiah, leading people without phone

The face of Karnataka Congress comeback uses no phone

The five-year chief minister of Karnataka, Siddarmaiah made a record in himself. From 2013 to 2018, it is known that Karnataka is a state that never let its chief minister complete their tenure.

Congress is one of the parties that last year in August has not curated their campaign, whereas Siddarmaiah celebrated his 75th birthday, calling it Siddamahotsav at Davangere in central Karnataka. The event was close to one of the greatest events, where 6 lakh people came. The event was so huge that most people slept in an open space in case they did not miss the seat.

Siddaramaiah served as a spokesperson and first person for the party’s Anna Bhagya program. Thus, he served the needy with 7 kg of free rice each month in his services. Therefore, he was the only chief minister who maintained his position for a full term and did not lose an election.

Before he was an MLA from the constituency of chamundeshwari from a Lok dal party ticket. He has presented 13 state budgets, it is said Siddaramaiah, has a forte in finance after administration.

Being a known leader and politician, Siddaramaiah does not use a phone or carry it. However, leaders connect with him through his assistance.

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