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Shekhawati Sahitya Sangam Concludes with Enlightening Discussions on Indian Constitution and More

The five-day Shekhawati Sahitya Sangam concluded on a high note, with a series of stimulating discussions on contemporary topics, including the Indian Constitution, India’s identity, the Hindi language, and India’s global stature. The event brought together diverse voices and perspectives, enriching the literary and cultural landscape of the region.

During the concluding day’s first session, distinguished speakers, including Ruchi Shrimali, Anshul Saxena, Ayush Nadimpali, and Sangeeta Pranavendra, delved into the ‘Idea of India in Social Media Content.’ They explored the growing global appreciation for India, emphasizing its cultural richness and ethos of harmony, echoing Swami Vivekananda’s vision of India fostering unity among nations.

Ruchi Shrimali highlighted the transformative role of social media in shaping India’s image, noting that India has transitioned from being viewed as a third-world country to gaining global respect.

Anshul Saxena provided insights into the duality of India portrayed on social media: one that showcases India’s remarkable achievements, including its lunar mission, and another that perpetuates stereotypes of backwardness.

In the second session, ‘How to Read,’ Sangeeta Pranavendra and Ayush Nadimpali shared their perspectives, emphasizing the importance of reading and encouraging a culture of widespread reading.

The event continued with a discussion on ‘India Becoming Global,’ featuring Srikanth, Raghunandan, Amitabh Srivastava, and Sangeeta Pranavendra. The concluding session featured Bhagwat, a three-and-a-half-year-old devotee, reciting verses from the Geeta, captivating the audience and marking the end of the fourth edition of Shekhawati Sahitya Sangam.

The closing ceremony included the distribution of prizes to winners of various competitions, recognizing their literary and artistic talents.

Over the course of the five-day event, numerous thought-provoking sessions and activities unfolded. The first day witnessed discussions on ‘Revolution of Self-Based India,’ the book ‘Hanuman of Mahabharata,’ content writing, and ‘Youth Mental Health,’ which explored issues related to student stress and mental health.

The second day featured discussions on India’s self, the role of women in India’s development, and poetry readings in the Kavi Sammelan. Major Surendra Punia addressed the audience, discussing ideological scams and intellectual challenges.

On the third day, discussions centered on the Indian Constitution, India’s self, civil etiquette, and the perspective of Hindus in contemporary India. Major Poonia engaged with the youth in a dialogue session, emphasizing the importance of meaningful conversations.

On the fourth day, the dramatic staging of ‘Diver Yudh Vijay’ was presented, highlighting India’s historical achievements. The event also featured discussions on the Indian Constitution, social media narratives, the Indian film industry, and the idea of India.

In addition to intellectual discussions, the cultural evening showcased mesmerizing performances by the Crazy Hoppers dance group and captivating presentations in group dance competitions by school and college students.

The Shekhawati Sahitya Sangam left an indelible mark, fostering intellectual growth, cultural exchange, and a celebration of India’s rich heritage and potential for a brighter future.

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