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Exploring “Mahabharat ke Hanuman” with Author Anshu Harsh

In a captivating session at the Shekhawati Sahitya Sangam in Sikar, our Saksham Sanchar Foundation had the privilege of interviewing the renowned writer and author Anshu Harsh about her latest book, “Mahabharat ke Hanuman.”

Unveiling the Mythological Tapestry: Mahabharat and Hanuman

Anshu Harsh, a devout follower of Lord Hanuman, shared her profound connection with the divine figure. Hanuman, for her, is not only a guiding force but also the gateway to reach Lord Ram. Her journey into writing “Mahabharat ke Hanuman” was inspired by a significant revelation. While reading the Mahabharata, she stumbled upon a depiction of Hanuman on Arjun’s chariot. This discovery ignited her curiosity, and she decided to delve deeper into the subject. Three months of rigorous research and dedicated writing brought her book to life, just in time for Hanuman Jayanti.

The Journey of Research and Exploration

For a project of this magnitude, Anshu Harsh undertook an extensive research journey. She traveled to various places and communicated with experts to gather the necessary information. Her book touches upon the enigmatic “Kale Hanuman” and “Lal Hanuman,” a figure often associated with the belief that Hanuman continues to exist in the present age. When asked about potential controversies, Anshu assured that her work steered clear of any contentious issues.

Reception and Feedback

The feedback for “Mahabharat ke Hanuman” has been overwhelmingly positive. Many readers were struck by the revelation that Hanuman was present in both the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. Anshu Harsh, known for her philosophical and poetic style, confessed that she doesn’t confine herself to rhyme but expresses her thoughts freely through her writings.

The Initiation of a Literary Journey

Anshu Harsh’s literary journey commenced in 2008 when she discovered her passion for writing. As her daughter grew older, Anshu found herself drawn further into the world of books and literature. She believes that the books we read shape our thoughts and perspectives, and that’s precisely what she aims to achieve with her writing.

The Appeal of Kindle and Adi Purush-like Movies

She appreciates the charm of physical books but acknowledges the convenience of Kindle. Regarding movies based on mythological themes, she emphasizes the importance of preserving the essence of these ancient stories while presenting them in a way that resonates with the youth, making them more accessible through simple language.

Future Projects and Inspirations

Anshu Harsh’s upcoming project involves simplifying the teachings of the Gita in a way that appeals to children. She runs a book reading club where children express a desire for a simplified version of the Gita. This endeavor reflects her commitment to making profound spiritual teachings accessible to the younger generation.

The Transformative Power of Reading

She believes that reading has the power to bring about positive changes in both children and adults. It not only nurtures self-development but also enhances public speaking skills. Through books, individuals can gain new knowledge and perspectives, ultimately driving personal growth.

Spreading the Seeds of Knowledge

Anshu Harsh actively distributes books to children in different regions, planting the seeds of knowledge in their minds. Her life changed when she came across a powerful dialogue in a movie: “Do your work, success will follow.” Ten years of dedication to reading and sharing books have truly transformed her life.

Her journey as a writer and her commitment to making complex mythological concepts accessible to all through her writing and book distribution initiatives are truly inspiring. Her dedication to connecting the youth with the wisdom of the past is commendable, and her future endeavors in simplifying spiritual teachings promise to be equally transformative. “Mahabharat ke Hanuman” is a testament to the power of curiosity and dedication in uncovering hidden gems within our ancient texts.

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