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Sambhar Festival 2023: Numerous cultural events will be planned to engage tourists.

From February 17 to February 19, at Sambhar Lake, the department will host the Sambhar Festival 2023.

From February 17 to February 19, at Sambhar Lake, the tourist department will host the Sambhar Festival 2023.

The tourism departmnt is always coming up with new ideas to promote the numerous opportunities for tourism in the state. Various events and celebrations are also being staged throughout the state in a magnificent manner. From February 17 to February 19, at Sambhar Lake, the department will host the Sambhar Festival 2023. The local administration and the tourist department have finished all their planning for the festival’s smooth organization. The festival will have several cultural events to draw visitors.

According to Mr. Upendra Singh Shekhawat, the deputy director of the tourism department, all preparations for the Sambhar celebration have been finished. He stated that the Sambhar celebration will draw both domestic and foreign visitors, just like previous fairs and festivals.

Many celebrities and well-known folk artists will perform in the cultural evening every night of the three-day Sambhar festival. According to Mr. Shekhawat, while the festival will begin with an adventurous bike ride, visitors will also have the opportunity to view the stars in Sambhar’s open sky at night during the Star Night Gazing event. He disclosed that a number of adventurous events, including parasailing, ATV rides, motorcycle rallies, kite flying, and camel rides, will also be held during the festival.

The events of the 17th will unfold during a motorcycle adventure trip. This rally will begin in Jaipur and conclude at the program location at Sambhar Lake. Balloons and wreaths will be used to greet the rally. The Sambhar lakeside camping area will open its doors to art and craft vendors, a photography exhibition, a camel and camel cart trip for visitors, fancy kite flying, adventure sports including parasailing, an ATV ride, cycling, and presentations by folk artists at 10 am. There will be sightseeing in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. Starting at 2 p.m., a discussion program about the history of Sambhar will also be organized. There will be a bird viewing excursion at 3:30, a lake visit by salt train, and a Shakambhari Mata Temple trekking program at 4:30.

The event will follow on the 18th. In the morning, a ranga session will kick off the morning. At 8 a.m., a historical walk will be planned through the historic districts of the old city and Sambhar Lake. While at the lakeside camping area, there will be fancy kite flying starting at 10 a.m., performances by folk artists, the opening of art and craft stalls, a photography exhibition, camel and camel cart rides for tourists, adventure activities like parasailing and ATV rides, cycling, Sambhar Salt processing tours, salt lake and town sightseeing, and more.

On the last day, the 19th, the morning ranga session will start the day’s activities. A heritage walk will be held beginning at 9 a.m. through the historic district and old city to Sambhar Lake. Starting at 10 a.m., the Sambhar lakeside camping area will host the following events: the opening of arts and crafts booths, a photography exhibition, fancy kite flying, performances by folk artists, tourist camel rides, ATV rides, and cycling. A tour of Salt Lake City and the surrounding area will be conducted in addition to this.

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