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Salman Khan gets new bulletproof car considering his security

Salman Khan's automobiles can endure an onslaught from firearms, and the birthday connection is the key behind it.

Salman Khan frequently receives threats. He has ordered a new automobile from Dubai because of security. This Nissan automobile costs somewhere around one crore. The vehicle has been completely bulletproofed. Fans have now discovered something unique about this automobile.

The car’s license plate has the number 2727 printed on it. Thus, this number holds a very particular meaning for Salman. Since Salman’s birthday is on December 27, nearly every one of his vehicles has the same set of numbers.

This automobile’s glass is 41 mm thick, just like the glass in the car as a whole. There won’t be any harm to the person inside the car if it is assaulted with weapons. Therefore, the vehicle is completely secure by design. Because of the design of its wheels, the vehicle will continue to go smoothly for a few kilometers even if a tire blows out in the middle of the road. But this vehicle hasn’t yet been introduced in India. Salman imported it from Dubai just for himself.

Range Rover Vogue

Salman Khan has been spotted in this automobile on several occasions. In addition to Salman, his father, Salman Khan, has frequently been spotted with this vehicle. This automobile costs around Rs. 2,39,000.

Audi A3L

In Salman’s garage is an Audi A3L. Salman, however, seldom ever operates this vehicle. It costs roughly Rs. 8.8 crore, ex-showroom.

Nissan Metro

It’s Salman’s most recent vehicle. He purchased this vehicle despite ongoing threats from the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang. It costs between Rs. 80 lakh and Rs. 1 crore.

Thus, Salman had a passion for bicycles as well. These bicycles are designed to shield the environment from the polluted smoke that motorcycles create. Besides this, cycling also improves health.

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