PM inaugurates Kartavya Path, calls Rajpath as symbol of slavery

PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the Karyatavya Path at Delhi-situated India Gate and termed the Rajpath or Kingsway as symbol of bravery.

While addressing the gathering, he said, “If the path is the Rajpath, then how will the journey be Lokmukhi? The Rajpath was for the British Raj, to whom the people of India were slaves. The spirit of Rajpath was also a symbol of slavery, its structure was also a symbol of slavery. Today its architecture has also changed, and its spirit has also changed,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi earlier unveiled a grand statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose near India Gate on the same day which is made of jet black granite and has a height of 28 feet. It will be placed under the Canopy near India Gate. 

According to Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the move symbolises a shift from the erstwhile Rajpath being an icon of power to the ‘Kartavya Path’ being an example of public ownership and empowerment.

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