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Odisha train accident: Some major reasons for train accidents in India

On Friday, triple-trains detailed, causing injuries to more than 900 people.

Train accidents are one of the most heartbreaking events that unfolds in a nation. These train accidents bring remorse and sorrow that lives within our lives for a very long part of life. Thus, these events leave an impact on the nation.

The recent Odisha train tragedy shook the whole nation. In the tragic evet 261 people were found dead around 900 people were found injured. The triple train accident have been similar to many other accidents that took place.

However, the derailment of trains is not the first of its kind. Many accidents took place which revolved around derailment.

In Khanna, Punjab, three coaches of the Frontier Golden Temple Mail were involved in an accident with the Jammu Tawi–Sealdah Express, on 26th November 1998. In the accident around 212 people were found dead.

Therefore, the major reasons that involve train accidents are derailment, level crossing accidents, collisions, and fire.

Nonetheless, there is no certain condition that determines the cause of train accidents. Thus, there are many reasons, some of the reasons are sabotage, defective machinery, human mistakes, and environmental or contextual factors.

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