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Nirjash: A small tea stall in Kolkata sells the most expensive tea

A small tea stall in Kolkata has been selling one of the most expensive teas that one can afford. 

Nirjash, a tiny tea stall in Mukundapur, with an umbrella as a roof and some plastic chairs has been selling a special tea worth Rs 1000 per cup.

It serves more than 100 varieties of unique teas. 

As per the social media reports, the tea starts at ₹12 and goes up to ₹1000/cup, which is the Bo-Lay Tea and costs ₹3 lakhs per kg. 

Here, the other tea varieties include a wide range such as Silver Needle White Tea, Lavender Tea, Wine Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Blue Tisane Tea, Tulsi Ginger Tea, Teesta Valley Tea, Makaibari Tea, Roobios Tea, and Okayti Tea. 

Partha Pratim Ganguly, owner of the tea stall, earlier had plans of taking up a full-time job, but then, she left the job to start his own business of regular tea stall with a twist. 

And in 2014, he started Nirjash and in no time, it became successful. 

Partha is not only good at selling teas, but is also knowledgable about the properties of each tea variant. 

The affordable varieties include Chamomile tea (Rs 14,000/kg), Hibiscus tea (Rs 7,500/kg) Roobios tea (Rs 20,000/kg), Okayti Tea (Rs 32,000/kg), Lavender tea (Rs 16,000/kg), Bai Mudan tea (Rs 20,000/kg). Otehrs such as Yerba tea and Mudan tea start from Rs 14/kg and can go up to over 20,000.

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