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Narsingh Chaturdashi 2022 festival celebrated in Krishna Balaram temple

Narsingh Chaturdashi Festival was celebrated at Shri Krishna Balram Temple, Jagatpura here under the aegis of Hare Krishna Movement Jaipur.

Temple chairperson Amitasana Das said that a special Narasimha Yagya was organized on this occasion and Harinama Sankirtana was performed by the devotees.

Also Narasimha Aarti was performed here.

Thousands of devotees observed fast and offered special prayers. 

The statue of Lord Krishna and Balram was decorated with attractive flowers and new clothes. In the evening, after the Maha Aarti, the palanquin journey of God was taken out, on this occasion, a Maha Sankirtan was organized. All these programs were shown live on the social media channels of the temple, At the end, Prasadi was distributed to all devotees who came to the temple.

Sharing the story associated behind the celebration of Narsingh Chaturdashi festival, Amitasana Das said that Lord Narasimha Dev appeared from the pillar to protect his devotee Prahlad from the terror of Hiranyakashipu on this day; the same Lord Shri Krishna emerged to protect all of us in this Kaliyuga. Therefore, all of you are requested to chant the holy name of God Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare at least 108 times daily.

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