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MLAs take Europe tour to get insight into gender equality, women empowerment, dairy among other issues

A delegation of 22 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) hailing from diverse political backgrounds embarked on a transformative 10-day educational journey across Europe as part of their MLA Europe Tour.

The tour, spanning Germany, Netherlands, and London, is designed to provide deep insights into critical areas such as gender equality, women’s empowerment, fisheries, and dairy farming. This initiative seeks to broaden the MLAs’ horizons and enrich their understanding of international best practices in these domains.

On the 27th of August, the delegation arrived in the Netherlands and received a warm welcome from Adv Pranita Deshpande, the Managing Director of Ansh Overseas BV Netherlands. The delegation was particularly honored by the presence of distinguished women MLAs, including Ms. Neelam Gorhe, Ms. Manisha Kayande, Smt. Suman R Patil, and Jehalam Joshi, among others, emphasizing the tour’s focus on women’s empowerment.

As a gesture of goodwill and appreciation, Ansh Overseas BV presented each MLA with a thoughtful gift symbolizing the spirit of global cooperation. Ms. Deshpande also graciously shared copies of her book during the event.

The MLA Europe Tour is a remarkable initiative that fosters international collaboration, strengthens cross-cultural ties, and facilitates the exchange of knowledge in crucial areas of governance and empowerment. This endeavor reflects a collective commitment towards creating a more inclusive and empowered society, said Pranita.

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