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Madhya Pradesh: 10 million year old rock-like dinosaur eggs found in Barwani

Madhya Pradesh state in India became witness to the finding of 10 rock like dinosaur eggs which were found in Barwani district. These dinosaur eggs weighted 25 kg to 40 kg.

According to archaeologist Dr DP Pandey, “The eggs are known to be as old as 10 million years. The largest of these eggs weighs about 40 kg, and other of them are of 25 kg each. The eggs are from the Cretaceous period,” he added.

Dinosaurs are the most weirdest prehistoric creatures. Earth is almost 4 billion years old and the dinosaurs walked the earth some 65 million years ago. Bones, teeth, and other hard evidence have revealed that Earth was the domain of the dinosaurs for millions of years. Evidence shows that an asteroid ended the age of dinosaurs. A volcanic eruption was the main reason for disappearance of dinosaurs. 

However, their abundant most common fossils like teeth and bones are being found all across the globe. Just like that some eggs of dinosaurs are found in Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh. 

“The biggest one weighs around 40kg and there are many of 25kg. I’ve brought three eggs to Indore. The department is likely to display them at Indore Museum.” archaeology department official Dr D P Pandey said. He also added that “My team have been surveying a region of Sendhwa since January 30.” 

Meanwhile, a few Geology experts say that the rock like thing may not be eggs, they can be old basaltic rocks instead. Sometimes take such a shape over millions of years. 

Palaeontologist Dr Dhananjay Mohabey a former deputy director general of Geological Survey of India said  “From the pictures, it looks like spherical weathering of some basaltic rocks that can produce what is called ‘onion peel weathering.” 

Prehistoric fossils have often been found in Madhya Pradesh. Dinosaur fossils were also found in Dhar district in 2007, which have been kept in the in a museum in Mandu.

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