Lok Sabha Secretariat releases booklet of Unparliamentary words unfit for the house

A booklet comes ahead of the monsoon session by Lok Sabha Secretariat, listing unparliamentry words and expressions which one cannot use in parliament. 

This booklet compiles words and expressions periodically deemed by legislative bodies. It emphasizes that some of the words will not be considered unparliamentary unless read in conjunction with the other expressions – essentially proving that the context matters.

The most common words listed  in the booklet consist of ashamed, betrayed, corrupt, hypocrisy, drama and incompetent. 

Anarchist, dictatorial, Khalistani, bloodshed, bloody, abuse, mischief, childishness, corrupt, coward, criminal, disgrace, donkey, eyewash, fudge, hooliganism, hypocrisy, incompetent, mislead, lie and untrue, anarchist, lollypop, foolish, and sexual harassment are also in the list of unparliamentary words.

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