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Krishna Janmashtami and its significance…

Who does not adore the adumbration of Lord Krishna as a child? We all have heard stories of little Krishna’s mischief and miracle. No matter how he played with the people of Gokul or helped them from disasters, Krishna has always been people’s favourite, and they have always admired his playful behavior.

Thus, this Hindu festival is celebrated in the whole of India. Several names are associated with Janmashtami, such as Krishnashtami or Gokul Ashtami. On this auspicious day, lord Krishna was born bringing hopes and positivity for a better world.

Lord Krishna’s birth was an unforgettable day as his uncle, Kansa, was the cruelest person alive, who was vile and wicked and tarnished people’s lives; Krishna’s birth was aimed toward Kansa’s death. In Kansas kingdom in Mathura, people would fear him. However, he loved his sister Devaki and always cared about her.

Later, Devaki was married to Vasudeva, and while she was leaving the state of Mathura, they were all interrupted by a prophecy which told Kansa that his sister Devaki’s eighth child would be the reason for his death. Thus, it blinded him with fear and made him lock his sister and her husband in a cell. He killed their children year by year. Thus, when Lord Krishna was born, Lord Vishnu told them to hand him over to Nanda baba and Yashoda.

Hence, when Krishna went to Nand Baba’s place and as he grew up, he became the reason for Kansa’s death.

Thus, the day when Krishna is born is celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami on earth.

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