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Is the Serbian Dancing Lady Real or Myth? The Truth Behind the Video Terrifying Social Media Users

A video of a woman dancing in a strange manner on a dark street has gone viral on social media, sparking fear and curiosity among users. The woman, dubbed as the “Serbian Dancing Lady”, is said to be a part of an urban legend that involves a mysterious lady who haunts the streets of Serbia at night and attacks anyone who sees her. But is the video real or fake? And what is the origin of the myth?

The video, which was posted on TikTok in February 2023, has garnered more than 105 million views and thousands of comments. The 11-second clip shows a woman dressed in a traditional Serbian costume, waving her hands out to the sides and moving her heels from left to right repeatedly. The video is accompanied by a creepy music and a caption that reads “Be careful guys”.

The video is claimed to have been filmed from the window of a nearby house in Zvezdara, Belgrade. However, there is no official confirmation or source for the video, and it could be a hoax or a prank. Some users have pointed out that the woman’s dance resembles a Serbian folk dance called Kolo, and that the video could be staged or edited.

The video is not the first one to feature the Serbian Dancing Lady. According to some reports, the legend dates back to 1998, when several people claimed to have witnessed an elderly woman dressed in a national outfit dancing in Serbian streets and threatening onlookers with a knife. The woman was said to be mentally unstable and was dubbed as the “Dancing Shadow”.

Since then, several videos have surfaced on the internet claiming to show the Serbian Dancing Lady in different locations and situations. Some videos show her chasing bystanders with an object in her hand, while others show her dancing alone or with other people. Some internet users have speculated that the woman is being controlled by a demon or that she is part of an ancient ritual to resurrect the king of Serbia.

However, there is no evidence or verification for any of these claims, and they could be based on rumors or imagination. There are also no reports of any injuries or deaths caused by the Serbian Dancing Lady, and she could be just an urban myth or a folklore.

The Serbian Dancing Lady is one of the many examples of how social media can spread fear and misinformation among users. While some people may find the videos entertaining or amusing, others may find them disturbing or scary. It is important to be critical and cautious when consuming online content, and not to believe everything that is posted on the internet.

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