Indore and Surat Lead the Charge as Cleanest Cities in India: Swachh Survekshan Awards 2023

Maharashtra Clinches Best-Performing State Title

In a testament to unwavering commitment to cleanliness, Indore and Surat have once again emerged as the cleanest cities in India, sharing the top rank in the Swachh Survekshan Awards 2023. This recognition is particularly significant as Indore claims the title for the seventh consecutive time, showcasing its sustained efforts in maintaining impeccable sanitation standards. The awards ceremony, held in the presence of President Droupadi Murmu and Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, also celebrated Maharashtra as the best-performing state, with Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh securing second and third positions.

The Best-Performing States:
Maharashtra’s consistent efforts in ensuring cleanliness earned the state the first prize in the category of ‘best-performing states.’ Following closely, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh secured second and third places, respectively. This result is particularly noteworthy considering Madhya Pradesh’s previous triumph as the cleanest state, showcasing a competitive spirit among states striving for excellence in cleanliness.

City Highlights and Lowlights:
Indore and Surat’s joint triumph reflects their dedication to cleanliness, setting a high standard for urban local bodies across the country. Navi Mumbai, securing the third position, reaffirms Maharashtra’s commitment to cleanliness initiatives.

While the spotlight shines on the winners, the Swachh Survekshan Awards also shed light on areas in need of improvement. West Bengal cities Madhyamgram, Kalyani, and Haora found themselves at the bottom of the rankings, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to enhance cleanliness standards in these regions. The states with the lowest rankings were Rajasthan, Mizoram, and Arunachal Pradesh, indicating areas where focused interventions are necessary.

Recognizing Excellence in Various Categories:
The Swachh Survekshan Awards 2023 not only celebrated the cleanest cities and states but also recognized smaller communities and specific achievements:

  1. Sasvad in Maharashtra: Awarded the cleanest city among those with less than one lakh population.
  2. Patan in Chhattisgarh and Lonavla in Maharashtra: Secured second and third positions in the same category.
  3. Ganga Towns: Varanasi emerged as the cleanest Ganga town, followed by Prayagraj, Bijnor, Haridwar, Kannauj, Patna, Rishikesh, Kanpur, Rajmahal, and Sahiganj. Among the 88 Ganga towns evaluated, Chhapra ranked last.
  4. Cantonment Boards: Mhow in Madhya Pradesh topped the chart in the cleanest cantonment boards category, with Deolali in Nashik and Ahmedabad claiming the other two spots.

Top 10 Cleanest Cities – A Recap:
For those curious about the leading cities in cleanliness, here’s a recap of the top 10 in the Swachh Survekshan Awards 2023:

  1. Indore & Surat (Joint Rank)
  2. Surat (2022: 1st | 2021: 1st)
  3. Navi Mumbai (2022: 2nd | 2021: 3rd)
  4. Visakhapatnam (2022: 3rd | 2021: Navi Mumbai)
  5. Bhopal (2022: 6th | 2021: NDMC)
  6. Vijayawada (2022: 5th | 2021: Ambikapur)
  7. NDMC (2022: 7th | 2021: Tirupati)
  8. Tirupati (2022: 8th | 2021: Pune)
  9. Greater Hyderabad (2022: 9th | 2021: Noida)
  10. Pune (2022: 10th | 2021: Ujjain)

As India continues to strive for a Swachh Bharat, these cities serve as role models, inspiring others to join the nationwide cleanliness movement. The Swachh Survekshan Awards 2023, with participation from over 4,000 urban local bodies, have indeed positioned India at the forefront of the global cleanliness initiative, setting a benchmark for others to follow.

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