India’s first H3N2 hits India; 2 people died

The union minister has stated that the cases might decline by March's end.

The terror of influenza has found its place in people’s minds. Due to the growing disease, influenza had already killed two people, one from Karnataka and the other from Haryana. Both patients were suffering from H3N2 influenza.

The first one to die from influenza was Karnataka’s Hasan. Later, Haryana’s Hire Gowda died from H3N2. The reports state that he was already suffering from diabetes due to hypertension, and he died.

The infection has spread to 90 people in the country now. Thus, there are eight cases of H1N1. These influenzas are also called the “Hong Kong Flu.” These influenzas are much riskier than another influenza, plus they also put the patient in the hospital for days.

Experts have claimed that the symptoms of H3N2 influenza are similar to those of coronavirus infection. Doctors have advised the public to follow COVID-19 precautions. The Indian Council of Medical Research has asked people to take precautions. As advised in the pandemic, people should be careful while sneezing and coughing around, they should wash their hands, and they should wear a mask.

H3N2 poses a severe risk to elderly people and young children. Thus, the age group is advised to take special care. Plus, the Medical Association has been urging doctors to not prescribe antibiotics if they are not sure that the patient has a bacterial infection.

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