India’s First Automobile In-Plant Railway Siding

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated India’s first automobile in-plant railway siding at the Suzuki Motor Gujarat (SMG) plant. This initiative seeks to enhance eco-friendliness in vehicle transportation by curbing carbon emissions.

Maruti Suzuki has stated that the in-plant railway siding will have the capacity to transport more than 300,000 cars annually to 15 destinations across India once it is fully operational. This marks the inaugural collaboration between Maruti Suzuki India and Gujarat Rail Infrastructure Development (G-RIDE).

During the inauguration of the railway siding, Hisashi Takeuchi, MD and CEO of Maruti Suzuki, expressed, “We are privileged to participate in the Prime Minister’s ambitious Gati Shakti program, aimed at enhancing logistical efficiencies. Today signifies a momentous achievement as we establish India’s inaugural automobile company with an in-plant railway siding facility.”

“As we prepare to double our production capacity from 2,000,000 units per annum to 4,000,000 units per annum by FY31, the dispatches of vehicles via railways will also witness a significant increase. This in-plant railway facility underscores our dedication to promoting sustainable mobility,” he further emphasized.

The Suzuki Motor Gujarat plant holds immense significance for the automaker. Recently acquired by Maruti Suzuki India from Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan for Rs 12,841.1 crore, the facility boasts a substantial production capacity of 750,000 units. Additionally, a fourth assembly line, currently under construction and set to be operational by FY2026-27, represents a further investment of Rs 3,200 crore. Upon completion, this new assembly line will elevate the installed production capacity to one million units per annum.

Maruti has expanded its transportation methods by utilizing waterways to transport vehicles, alleviating strain on roadways and reducing logistics expenses. Furthermore, the automaker has leveraged railways to reach remote areas across the country. The introduction of the in-plant railway siding significantly enhances the convenience of the logistics infrastructure.

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