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Latest UpdatesNewsIndian journalists are asked to leave from China

Indian journalists are asked to leave from China

Beijing authorities have asked the last reporter to leave China

The Beijing authorities have advised the Last Indian reporter working under PTI, to leave in under a month. Bloomberg, a news agency, reported on the incident. Thus, the visa renewal denial was the reason that marked the departure of all Indian reporters.

A Hindustan Times reporter reportedly departed China last week, according to sources. The renewal of the visas for the other two reporters, who work for Prasar Bharti and Hindu, was also denied.

On the action, the authority of China calls this an “appropriate action” against the treatment of other Chinese journalists,

According to Arindam Bagchi, a spokesman for the Indian foreign ministry, “All foreign journalists, including Chinese journalists, have been pursuing journalistic activities in India without any restrictions or difficulties in reporting or doing media coverage.”

According to the report the Indian journalists were not allowed to take support from the local correspondent, the local transportation and convenience were also closed for the Indian journalist.

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