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Top 3 traditional food desserts of Jaipur

Jaipur is all known for its culture, tradition and food! With the rich heritage of the Rajputana, the cuisine here is delicious and fragrant.


Gujiya is a traditional sweet dish, popularly eaten during the Holi festival in northern states of India. It is believed to have come to Rajasthan from Uttar Pradesh. Gujiyas are basically a half-moon-shaped golden brown maida crust stuffed with pieces of pistachios, almonds, mawa, dry coconut, cardamoms and charoli. The sweet dish literally melts in the mouth.


The mouth-watering ghevar is a traditional dessert of Rajasthan, which is shaped like a disc and comes in a honeycomb pattern. Made with maida (refined flour) and ghee (clarified butter), the batter is first dipped into piping hot oil and fried. Sometimes besan (gram flour) is also added to enhance its taste.


Gajak is a simple yet delicious sweet dish. A thin and flaky bite-sized sweet, it is made with nutritious sesame seeds, groundnuts and jaggery, and resembles the popular chikki. This crunchy treat gives a great start to the morning and keeps one warm during winter months. Legend has it that gajak originated in Morena in Madhya Pradesh. To make it, the dough is hammered until sesame seeds break down and release the oil. Many believe that gajak came into being during the Mughal era. Since the Mughals ate meat, their protein requirements could be met easily. However, the Hindu kings had to resort to vegetarian sources of protein. Thus, chana (chickpea), jaggery, peanuts and sesame seeds were mixed to provide the required energy.

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