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The Spectacular Akshardham Temple of Jodhpur: A Marvel of Glass Fiber Pillars and Cultural Grandeur

1000 Crores spent in the construction process

Jodhpur, a city known for its enchanting temples and rich heritage, is set to add another architectural gem to its crown—the magnificent Akshardham Temple. Over the past five years, this extraordinary temple has been under construction in the Sursagar region of Kali Beri. With its unique features and captivating stories, the Akshardham Temple promises to be a truly exceptional addition to the list of revered temples in Jodhpur.

What sets the Akshardham Temple apart is its innovative use of materials. Unlike traditional temples, the pillars of this temple will be crafted from glass fibers instead of iron. This pioneering approach not only adds a touch of modernity to the temple’s design but also ensures its structural integrity and durability. The temple is being constructed by the Bochas resident Akshardham Purushotam Swaminarayan Committee, with more than 3000 stones meticulously engraved to adorn its facade. Currently, 80% of the work is completed, with 40% of the temple’s overall construction finished.

The grandeur of the Akshardham Temple is evident in its remarkable architectural elements. The temple will feature a shikhara, or spire, reaching a height of 125 feet, while incorporating Jodhpur stones to create a breezy atmosphere that allows air to flow through the temple. This distinct choice of stones ensures a unique aesthetic and a serene environment for devotees.

While over 150 Akshardham Temples have been constructed nationwide, the Jodhpur Akshardham Temple holds a special place as the first one to be made solely with Jodhpuri Stones. The pillars of the temple are being created using GFRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) technology, combining glass, fiber, and gypsum for a stunning visual effect. The temple’s main mandap is adorned with intricate carvings, and on the upper floor, visitors will find statues of prominent gods and goddesses, including Lord Ram and Lord Shiva. At the heart of the temple, a significant stone serves as a symbolic centerpiece.

The temple also caters to the needs of its visitors, with a spacious hall capable of accommodating up to 3000 people for darshan, or holy viewing. The hall is designed without pillars, allowing an unobstructed view of the sanctum. Additionally, a stage measuring 100*30 feet has been created for sants (spiritual leaders), complete with 14 air conditioning units and 12 helicopter fans to ensure comfort during gatherings.

Built following the principles of the Sompura shastra, a revered architectural tradition, the Jodhpur Akshardham Temple boasts 225 meticulously crafted pillars, each placed at the same distance from one another. These pillars showcase a unique style, with a broad base tapering towards the top in the Sirohi Ghat fashion, distinguishing them from previous temples that followed the Varghaakar style.

Overseeing the engineering work of the temple for the past five years is engineer Vimal Tak. He shared that construction began in 2018, and extensive research was conducted for three years to select the perfect stones for the temple. The estimated completion time for the temple is within the next 1.5 years, making it an eagerly anticipated landmark for both locals and visitors.

To cater to the needs of devotees, an automated Annapurna Kitchen has been established within the temple complex. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, this kitchen can prepare food for an impressive 20,000 people at once, with seating available for 500 individuals. The temple complex also includes a kitchen block, service building, and a guest house. Spread across 40 acres, the premises features a beautifully developed 15-acre garden, offering a serene space for children to play. The four-story guest house, which is 80% complete, provides 70 rooms to accommodate approximately 350 devotees.

In addition to its architectural splendor, the Akshardham Temple aims to support the youth by establishing rehabilitation centers to help them overcome life-destroying addictions. These centers will connect the younger generation with the power of prayer and motivate them towards a virtuous lifestyle with the guidance of spiritual leaders.

The Akshardham Temple of Jodhpur promises to be an exceptional marvel, blending innovative construction techniques, cultural grandeur, and spiritual sanctity. As its completion draws near, the temple eagerly awaits the arrival of devotees seeking solace, enlightenment, and a deeper connection with their faith.

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