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Rajasthan’s Minimum Guaranteed Income Bill

Understanding the Minimum Guaranteed Income Bill in Rajasthan

The government of Rajasthan has recently passed a bill, the Rajasthan Minimum Guaranteed Income Bill, that imposes 125 days of work a year for all families in the state. This bill also ensures ₹ 1,000 per month to the elderly, specially abled, widows and single women. Thus, it will increase by 15% every year.

The umbrella Legislation

The bill of Rajasthan’s MinimumGuaranteed Income Bill was passed in the assembly through a voice note on 21st July. Therefore, it unifies the pension program, the rural employment guarantee program, and the urban employment guarantee program under umbrella Legislation.

Rajasthan Parliament Affairs Minister, Shanti Dhariwal, stated, “The bill guarantees 125 days of employment to urban families under the Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme.”

Therefore, the Rajasthan Minimum Guaranteed Income bill has come as an aid to the public for a better future.

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