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Khazana Mahal: A museum which takes you through optical maze, floating stones and many more stories

Khazana Mahal, a one of its kind tourist attraction coming up in Jaipur will stay with you for a lifetime.

Khazana Mahal is a unique concept which will take you through a magical journey of Gems, Jewellery, Crafts, Heritage, History, Folklore and Tradition nested in the stunning realms of a 100 year old heritage Haveli set in pristine Aravali hills.

Here you will experience the captivating charm of hundreds of rare artefacts, each with a story as unique and old as time itself. Khazana Mahal is situated close to the historically famous Parshuram Dwar, where the Ashwamedha Yagya was performed initially by Lord Ram and then in 1734 by Raja Sawai Jai Singh the second.

A visit to Jaipur evokes images of Grandeur, Royalty and high strung Hospitality and we match the expectations that you come with. At Khazana Mahal you will experience a showcase of more than 2000 pieces of real and rare Gemstones and Jewellery across 50+ different types and categories.

Each of these, be it a historical artefact, rare gem, ancient statue, mesmerising painting or an exquisite piece of jewellery, comes with a story and history that defines the character of each unique piece. These range from myths, historical facts and even their use and importance in modern day Bollywood

Your tour at Khazana Mahal, starts with an introductory audio visual show that sets the tone for what is to come. This presentation would not only familiarise you with what is in store but gives you insights into the journey of a stone to a beautiful jewel and would also arouse your curiosity about the many facets of this beautiful place

In addition to all the grandeur and history you come across at Khazana Mahal, you will also see the largest finger ring in the world, a piece of a real shooting star, the incredible floating stones used by Lord Ram, replicas of the famous Kohinoor diamond.

Khazana Mahal: A museum which takes you through optical maze, floating stones and many more stories

You also see the world’s largest and most unique collection of stamps and postcards that commemorate a gem or a jewel. 

We fulfil your desire to feel like Royalty, look like Royalty and to create and take back these memories. Dress up like a real Queen or King with our royalty replica dresses and create memories for a lifetime

Additional Highlights

At the Optical Glass Maze, which is one of its type in Jaipur, feel hypnotised as you experience real optical illusions.

Experience in disbelief the “Floating Stones” which are the same stones used by Lord Ram and his army to build the floating Bridge – “Ram Setu”, across to Lanka.

Bird lovers can see and experience a variety of birds, including beautiful peacocks in the natural setting of Khazana Mahal

At Khazana Mahal, we think green. Eco-tourism has been integrated into the entire theme and we understand the importance of being in sync with our environment.

Yoga and Meditation and being with the self can be experienced at the newly opened “Tourist Yoga & Meditation Center”

We have our very own Zip Line to get your hearts racing. This can be enjoyed by all our guests.

The Jungle Book Café is a book lover’s haven and children would enjoy the extensive comics section covering the likes of Chacha Chaudhary & Sabu, Pinky, Superman, Batman, Vikram aur Betaal

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