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Indian Diaspora Gathers to Discuss India’s Future at 75th Republic Anniversary

SOESTERBERG, NETHERLANDS – May 24, 2024 – The Foundation for Critical Choices for India (FCCI) and the Foundation for Indian Diaspora in Europe (FIDE) co-hosted a conference titled "Diaspora Conference to Celebrate & Evaluate the 75 Years of the Indian Republic" on Friday, May 24th.

By- Ms.Pranita Deshpande 

Director- Publication (FCCI)

Held at Kontakt der Kontinenten in Soesterberg, the event brought together distinguished guests and members of the Indian diaspora community in the Netherlands. The conference aimed to reflect on India’s journey as a republic and explore its path towards becoming a developed nation by 2050.

Reflecting on Progress and Looking Ahead

The conference began with opening remarks by Ritika Mehra and Suman Korenhof. 

As the nation celebrates its 75th anniversary, the conference provided a platform to acknowledge past achievements and chart a course for a promising future.

Harnessing the Strength of the Diaspora

The conference explored two key themes:

  • India’s Republic at 75: Reflections and the Vision for 2050
  • India’s Transition Towards a Developed Country: Possibilities and Challenges, and Harnessing the Indian Diaspora’s Potential.

Prominent speakers like Ram Lakhina, President Emeritus of FCCI, Jasbir Singh, President of FCCI/FIDE, Ambassador, Sahar Ghanem, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Gince Mattam, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Indian Embassy, delivered insightful presentations on India’s journey and its vision for the future. The dialogue continued with addresses from Thijs Reuten, Member of the European Parliament, and H.E. Eric Niehe, Former Ambassador of the Netherlands to India.

Both speakers explored the potential for partnership between India and the European Union on India’s development journey.

Experts Discuss the Road Ahead

The afternoon session featured a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Pramod Agrawal, Vice President of FCCI. Leading experts from the Indian diaspora community, including Artie Ramsodiet, Member of Senate, NL, and Kalyan Guntuboyina, Agribusiness Expert at Wageningen University & Research, NL, discussed the possibilities and challenges India faces in becoming a developed nation. They also explored ways the diaspora can contribute to achieving this goal.Subhadra Pathak, Trustee of FCCI, and Hemant Mishra, Secretary General of FIDE, gave a theme presentation on ‘Harnessing the Indian Diaspora’s Power and Potential for India’s Development Vision 2050.

Celebrating the Journey and Looking Forward

The conference concluded with closing remarks and a vote of thanks by Badri Madan, Past President of FCCI and FIDE Board Member.

This event fostered a valuable platform for dialogue and collaboration. As India celebrates the 75th anniversary of its republic, the conference highlighted the crucial role the diaspora plays in shaping its future and achieving its development aspirations.

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