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Gita Jayanti: Registration for Gita Contest starts from today

Gita Jayanti is being celebrated on December 14 across the world. On the occasion of this festival,Hare Krishna Movement and Krishna Consciousness Center (KBC) started the registration for Gita Contest to be held at Rajasthan level. The final contest will be held on March 13. A poster was released in this reference recently.

Gita contest is being organized at Rajasthan level in association with Hare Krishna Movement and Krishna Consciousness Center (KBC). The registration of this competition starts from 14th December on Gita Jayanti and the exam will be conducted on 13th March.

The poster for Gita contest was released recently in which Pran Vallabh Das, Program Coordinator of Hare Krishna Movement, Siddha Swaroop Das, in-charge of Media, Rawat Education Group’s Director and Chairman and hundreds of students were present.

President of Hare Krishna Movement Rajasthan Amitasan Das said that Bhagavad Gita is the manual of human life. 

About 5000 years ago from today, before the war of Mahabharata, Lord Shri Krishna had given the Gita preaching on the day of Gita Jayanti. The message of Bhagavad Gita is relevant even today. Today Bhagwat Gita is the most read most famous book in the world and that is why the study of Gita is being done in universities of many countries. 

As Gita Jayanti is celebrated on 14th December, it includes greater distribution and publicity. A state level competition is being organized to encourage people to study Gita, he added.

Media in-charge Siddha Swaroop Das said that Gita Contest Senior Category First prize (Gita Ratna) winner will be given ₹ 25,000/-, second prize (Gita Bhushan ) will be given to for ₹ 11000/-, third prize (Gita) will be ₹ 11000 for Gita. Along with this, special attractive trophies and certificates will be given. Consolation prizes will also be given to the contestants under the top 100 ranks in the contest.

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