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Latest UpdatesNewsGandhi Jayanti celebration in Jaipur: Mendolian melody impresses all...!

Gandhi Jayanti celebration in Jaipur: Mendolian melody impresses all…!

Gandhi Jayanti celebration in Jaipur: The mesmerizing twilight of Mendolian adorned NetTHEAT

Vaishnav Janto Tene Kahiye Peer Parai Jaani Re’s melodious song echoed on NetTHEAT when young mandolian player from Rajasthan Tarun Dangi, remembering the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, worked his fingers on the strings of the mandolian and played the melodious tune in Raag Mishra Peelu.

All of a sudden, entire environment turned non-violent. It was also welcomed to the online audience by playing the famous folk tune of Rajasthan in the style of ‘Mhare Des Maand’.

Rajendra Sharma Raju of NetTHEAT told that Tarun Dangi then played the Kirmani tune Bairagi in the semiclassical with Mendolian strings.

He made the evening melodious by playing a tune based on the raga Bhopali on Saj. Sri Dangi enjoyed playing in Rupak Teen Taal and Kaharwa while doing many experiments on the melodious instrument Mandolian.

Young tabla player Rajendra Sharma along with Mr. Dangi gave a boost to the program by doing a simple accompaniment. Manoj Swami conducted the program.
Music Vishnu Kumar Jangid, lighting and visual decoration Mukesh Kumar Saini, Arjun Dev, Saurabh Kumawat, Ajay Sharma, Jivitesh Sharma, Ankit Sharma Nonu, Dhriti Sharma, Jitendra Sharma, Ankit Jangid, Tushar Sharma.

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