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Experience the advanced 5G network in Rajasthan from today in three cities

Chief Minister introduces 5g Jio network in Jaipur, claims that the internet has turned into opium

Chief Minister introduces 5G Jio network in Jaipur, claims that the internet has turned into opium

In Rajasthan, the long wait for 5G has officially ended. Today, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot inaugurated the Reliance Jio service out of Jaipur in three locations. Ashok Gehlot pressed a button to start the high-speed internet service at Bhamashah Techno Hub. Thus, starting today, the corporation will offer this service in the Rajasthani cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur.

Certainly, Rajasthan uses most of the data, and the Chief Minister stated in the program that the data has its own significance. Therefore, the next step is to set a goal and bring 5G service to every community. The internet, according to Gehlot, has turned into a drug. Whenever people are seated together, they don’t talk to each other. They are only misplaced online. caught up on the phone.

In Rajasthan, Jio has constructed 18,000 towers. By the end of this month, Kota will also get 5G service, according to him. Users will thereafter benefit from 5G service in Bikaner and Ajmer, starting in February, soon.

It will have high-speed internet access, enabling customers to download up to 4 GB of video or other material in only 5 seconds. Thus, according to the corporation, mobile internet subscribers in these cities will start receiving speeds of 1000 Mbps starting today. However, the organization from Nathdwara in Rajsamand has already launched this service.

As per Gehlot, Jio has revolutionized the phone industry compared to before. In Rajiv Gandhi’s time, many used to predict that the internet and computer revolution would lead to mass unemployment, but now, you can already see how technology is having a positive impact.

Therefore, the company claims that with the upcoming rollout of 5G, complaints about latency will decrease or even disappear. The duration takes for data to be sent from one place to another is known as latency in the language of telecommunication. As a result, the average person is bothered by lag or lag during data calling and video conferencing.

However, Jio consumers must update their SIM and phone to a 5G model to take advantage of this service, according to experts. Thus, customers will be able to upgrade their SIM for 5G using the Jio app. They won’t even need to purchase a new SIM with this.

Nevertheless, Telecom insiders claim that Airtel previously tested its 5G service in a few locations in Jaipur. Where in a few locations within Civil Lines, C-scheme, 5G service was tested, and speeds of more than 1,000 Mbps were obtained. Thus, Airtel may launch its 5G service in a few Rajasthani cities by the month’s end or the following month.

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