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European Union New Internet Rules

European Union has brought in a new legislation for new internet rules. Know what these rules are…

The European Union recently came up with a new legislation which requires the world’s large tech companies to remove harmful content. This can be termed as the latest move of the union to regulate the world’s online giants.

As per the new regulation, the tech giants shall be required to remove illegal content from their platforms as soon as they are made aware of its existence. The social networking platforms shall also have to suspend those users who are frequently breaching the law. The e-commerce sites will be forced to verify the suppliers’ identities before listing their products on platforms.

Tech giant companies will be required under the regulations to assess the risks that are associated with using their services and must remove all illegal content. These companies will also have to be more transparent regarding their algorithms and data.

The European Commission will oversee yearly audits and will be able to levy fines of up to 6 percent of the companies’ annual sales for repeated violations. The usage of data political views or religion for the purpose of targeted advertising among the practices are being expected to be outlawed.

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