Latest UpdatesNewsE-Passports with chips will be availed in India.

E-Passports with chips will be availed in India.

70 lakh booklets will be printed in the first year out of 4.5 crore booklet printing orders that will be given in May.

Digitalization is evolving daily. Thus, an electronic passport will be available to the citizen. It will be known as an e-passport.The booklet’s chip will have an electronic record of all the data. The information will be displayed while bringing it up to the computer’s sensor.
According to a source, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the e-passport pilot project will begin in May.

Therefore, 10 lakh e-passports were produced as part of the trial program. Allegedly, only electronic passports will be offered in the future. Thus, it will make the travel simpler as a result. Thus, this will make it easier for Indians to immigrate to the 70 nations that have ratified the International Civil Aviation Organization’s standards.

All of these will eventually be changed into electronic passports. The Securities Printing Press of India in Nashik is producing the chip booklet. The total number of books ordered is 4.5 crore. Nonetheless, they are based on the demands of the following four to five years. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a goal of publishing 70 lakh books in the first year.

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