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Constitution Park in Jaipur: A first of its kind in India which makes youths aware of history…

The newly formed Constitution Garden is expected to be a top destination in Rajasthan.

The newly formed Constitution Park is expected to be a top destination in Rajasthan.

To ensure awareness on the Preamble of the Constitution, Fundamental Rights, Duties, and Directive Principles of State Policy, the Constitution Park has come in India , which has been constructed at a cost of Rs 9.66 crores.

According to Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra, the park will raise understanding of citizens’ rights and obligations to society and the nation to raise awareness of the nation among both students and the public. Additionally, he said that to prevent the disorder from taking hold in the community, a balance between rights and obligations must be preserved.

Later, he claimed that the Indian Constitution is a worldwide statement on human rights and has a distinctive personality in the world. Thus, in his online address, guest of honor Justice Vineet Mathur of the Rajasthan High Court predicted that the park would become a popular destination for both locals and visitors from afar. He stated that while most individuals are aware of their rights, they frequently overlook their obligations, which are just as important.

The Indian Constitution has undergone 104 revisions, according to senior advocate Kuldeep Mathur, which show flexibility and restraint. A 75-foot-long monolith with the preamble carved on it has been built in the park. Thus, individuals would become aware of the key components of our constitution and appreciate its power and depth.

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