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Latest UpdatesNewsChandrayaan-3's successful landing: India Joins Prestigious Space League

Chandrayaan-3’s successful landing: India Joins Prestigious Space League

“India reached the uncharted lunar South Pole because of our scientists’ hard work and talent” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi

History was made today as India’s Chandrayaan-3 Moon mission successfully landed on the lunar surface at 6:04 pm, achieving a remarkable ‘soft landing’ on the Moon’s south pole. This achievement sets India apart as the sole nation to accomplish this feat. The mission, led by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), is now set to deploy a rover designed to explore the Moon’s surface.

Chandrayaan-3’s journey commenced on July 14, and its significance was elucidated – the mission’s launch into space, context from the preceding Chandrayaan-1 and Chandrayaan-2 missions, and more. The successful landing has resulted in India joining the exclusive group of countries with lunar exploration capabilities.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, participating virtually from the BRICS Summit in South Africa, expressed immense pride in this achievement. He hailed India’s entry into the uncharted lunar South Pole, which signifies not only the country’s scientific prowess but also the strength of its people.

The landing site, strategically chosen for traces of water and water ice, marks a vital step in lunar exploration. The rover Pragyan will soon emerge from the lander, poised to send back data and images. Over the following two weeks, the rover will be active, harnessing solar power for communication and operations.

ISRO’s meticulous efforts in orchestrating this success were evident as the lander navigated a challenging descent and landing process. The importance of this achievement resonates as India becomes the fourth nation to land a rover on the Moon. With upcoming missions in the pipeline, including studying the Sun and the Gaganyaan human space flight program, ISRO continues to reach for the stars.

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