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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC): It has been biased since its birth…!

The country's oldest broadcasters and its conflicts, controversies and biased approach since birth...

The country’s oldest broadcasters and its conflicts

The BBC has been dogged by issues in a variety of areas no matter if it is a global concern or meddling in the domestic politics of a nation. Thus, in several articles and stories from the BBC on the subjects of politics, religion, morality, and social and cultural values, controversy has always been present in different nations. It also has several personnel and financial conflicts. Many high-level authorities and BBC employees may be seen criticising the organisation’s reckless stance.

Longtime BBC news presenter Peter states in this instance that, “at the core of the BBC, in its DNA, is a way of thinking which is strongly left-wing.” Andrew Marr, a different BBC presenter, claimed that “the BBC is not fair or neutral.”

When seen from the perspective of India, “BBC Hindi” a 1940s-founded media station similarly appears to be a follower of its primary institution in this regard. By misreporting the situation, the BBC has attempted to criticize India and Indianness, as well as social, political, and familial values.

It also reveals their corrupt mindset when they refer to nationalist Indians as radicals who proudly accept their culture. Numerous other instances of this have also occasionally come to light, such as the resignation of Indian journalist Mark Tully, who spent thirty years working for the BBC, and the instances of the argument with him in India on this.

In addition, the accused was referred to as a “gunman” rather than a “terrorist” during the 2008 Mumbai assault. By employing such phrases, BBC journalism has plainly degraded to the point where it is now actively encouraging criminality. But in our own nation, there is a group that acts like termites and defends BBC in every BBC disagreement. And since both want to harm India and Indianness, it is not a huge thing for them to help in this way.

This attitude of the BBC toward India reflects the same colonial mindset that is continuously working to subordinate India mentally. The government should outlaw BBC in India; it is up to them as well as the rest of civilized society to prevent anti-Indian discourse.

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