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Bharti – Shared Audio Visuals for Broadcast and Dissemination (PB-SHABD)

Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Shri Anurag Singh Thakur, introduced PB-SHABD, on 13th March, a news sharing service by Prasar Bharati, along with updated websites of DD News and Akashvani News, and an improved News on Air mobile app at an event in the National Media Centre, New Delhi.

During his speech, Shri Thakur hailed today as a significant milestone for India’s information and broadcasting sector. He emphasized Prasar Bharati’s extensive network for news collection and delivery across the nation in regional languages. Now, they aim to share this valuable content with other media outlets nationwide. The Minister announced that news organizations will receive a clean feed without the Doordarshan logo, featuring curated content from various regions and languages. This initiative will transform the news industry, particularly benefiting smaller organizations lacking widespread content networks. PB-SHABD will serve as a centralized news source for all such entities.

The SHABD service will be free for the first year and will offer news stories in all major Indian languages across fifty categories. Shri Thakur highlighted the significance of All India Radio (AIR) in the era of mobile connectivity, noting its continued relevance in providing accurate information on government schemes and policies. The revamped NewsOnAIR app will feature personalized news feeds, push notifications for breaking news, multimedia content integration, offline reading, live streaming, social media sharing, location-based news delivery, article bookmarking, and advanced search functionality.

Earlier, Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Shri Sanjay Jaju, extended congratulations to the entire Prasar Bharti team for the launch of the SHABD pilot and the new website and app. He emphasized the portal’s potential to generate synergy and facilitate the dissemination of meaningful news content nationwide.

CEO of Prasar Bharti, Shri Gaurav Dwivedi, announced plans for Prasar Bharti to engage with media organizations and share audio, video, photo, and text-based information collected through its network.

The PB SHABD platform is crafted to deliver daily news feeds in video, audio, text, photo, and other formats to subscribers across the media landscape. Leveraging Prasar Bharati’s extensive network of reporters, correspondents, and stringers, the service promises to bring the latest news from various regions of the country.

These shared feeds can be utilized for tailored storytelling across diverse platforms. As an introductory offer, the services will be provided free of charge, offering significant support to smaller newspapers, TV channels, and digital portals.

The redesigned websites of DD News and Akashvani News, along with the updated News on Air app, promise users a seamless experience and enhanced engagement. Featuring user-friendly interfaces and contemporary design elements, these platforms ensure a smooth browsing experience. Users can delve into captivating news audios, participate in special programs, and tune in to daily and weekly broadcasts. With their structured layout and varied content, the revamped websites elevate the news consumption journey for users. Dedicated sections cover National, International, Education, Health, Business & Economy, Science & Tech, Sports, Environment, and Opinion.

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