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After solar eclipse was seen a day after Diwali, now comes a lunar eclipse on Dev Diwali too

Diwali, on October 25, saw one of the most peculiar astronomical happenings. However, there will be another lunar eclipse coming on Dev Diwali too. November’s cosmic events include:

  • A complete lunar eclipse.
  • The Leonid meteor shower.
  • A glimpse of Uranus.
  • The Moon passes in front of Saturn.
  • Numerous others.

On November 8, the Lunar eclipse will be witnessed. Experts and many scientists have given the Lunar eclipse phenomenon this year as a “blood moon.” NASA had claimed that the lunar eclipse would most notably be seen in eastern India, such as Kolkata, Patna, Ranchi, and Guwahati. 

The experts have stated that this specific astronomical event can be seen with the naked eye. Those who wish to study can use a tool like binoculars or a telescope. As the reports surfaced, the lunar eclipse will be visible in Delhi but partly. The astronomical event is predicted to occur on November 8 from 5:32 PM to 6:18 PM. According to the Indian Hindu Calendar, the Hindu festivals are primarily marked in the Karthik Poornima. Thus, the coincidence of the Blood moon lunar eclipse and Dev Diwali is no surprise. 

On the occasion of dev Deepawali, many devotees take the ritual Ganga bath to cleanse their sins and deepdan. Especially on dev Diwali, Varanasi gradually becomes a glorious palace for Gods under the shine of all the lights. Enchanting prayers and holy hymns are performed with many traditional rituals. The festival becomes no less than any astronomical event. 

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