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A leading French institution bans the use of ChatGPT to prevent plagiarism

France's leading education institute, Sciences Po, has outlawed the usage of ChatGPT

France’s leading education institute, Sciences Po, has outlawed the usage of ChatGPT

Plagiarism is one of the hurdles in education. It is essential to ensure non-plagiarized work in the educational study material. However, new technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have caused a global revolution. ChatGPT is one example of a revolutionary technical asset.

Thus, to maintain a transparent education system, one of the leading French institutes, Science Po, has banned the usage of Chat GPT on campus. ChatGPT is an AI tool used to produce logical writing. The tool is beneficial for the generation of logical writing. ChatGPT is a standard-level AI writing tool that creates text forms for any virtual subject. These writings include articles, blogs, jokes, and sometimes poetry and essays.

It fueled many concerns about written content all over the world.

The university declared the statement on Friday. Science Po notified all faculty and students via email that usage of ChatGPT would be prohibited. The university stated that the students are prohibited from using the tool for any work or presentation. Thus, the students can use it only for the specific course under the guidelines of the course leader. However, the institute had not yet declared any statements regarding the tracking method against ChatGPT.

According to the United States, the ban was already in place in some public schools in New York and Seattle. The US authorities declared that there would be fewer homework assignments and more oral exams. Science Po in Paris imposed the restriction because of the authenticity of the written texts’ preservation.

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