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90-yr-old William Shatner is the oldest person to go to space

Ninety-year-old William Shatner, who portrayed Captain Kirk on the original “Star Trek,” has become the oldest person ever to travel to space.

He rode aboard a suborbital spacecraft which went through the edge of outer space before parachuting to a landing. He took off aboard a New Shepard spacecraft — the one which was developed by Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, Blue Origin, and the same vehicle which took Bezos himself to space this summer — before 10:50 a.m. ET from Blue Origin’s West Texas launch site.

Bezos, known as a lifelong “Star Trek” fan, flew Shatner as a comped guest.He was accompanied with three crewmates: Chris Boshuizen, a co-founder of satellite company Planet Labs, and software executive Glen de Vries, who are both paying customers, and Audrey Powers, Blue Origin’s vice president of mission and flight operations.

The trip took 10 minutes from takeoff to landing.