The mystery of Jaisalmer and the Tethys Sea

Jaisalmer used to be a vast sea land, and sharks used to swim all over there looking for food.

What image does your mind create when you hear the word Jaisalmer? The first image that would spring to mind when you hear the phrase Jaisalmer is a vast desert with sand dunes and no water in sight. However, the largest Tethys Sea on the globe used to exist 25 million years ago.

Not long ago, there used to be a thick forest with 30- to 40-foot-tall trees. Thus, the water of Jaisalmer formerly had enormous sharks and creatures. Only in Jaisalmer, Thailand, and Japan have fossils of this shark been discovered.

Because of this, tourists will be able to see up close the world of dinosaur-era species, their fascinating history, and the secrets of their extinction. As the Rajasthani government recently announced the creation of a fossil park, the Bhaskar team traveled to the site of the dinosaurs’ former habitat.

There are plenty of global mysteries that reveal the tale of Jurassic World. Thus, one can be found within a 30-km radius of Jaisalmer city. Therefore, the large aquatic monsters used to emerge from the Tethys Sea on the banks of where the Fort of Sonar is now visible, which is a short distance away. Dinosaurs from the Thaiyat village used to go about on sticks. On the Akal side, there were thick trees and rivers that ran. Giant shark fish had a stronghold in the water in the Baisakhi, Kuldhara, and Khaba areas.

There are four separate locations where scientists can occasionally find dinosaur paws as well as shark and whale teeth.

The “Akal Wood-Fossil Park,” which will collect and preserve this evidence, is located about 18 kilometers from Jaisalmer. The Bhaskar team traveled to Akal with the assistance of renowned geoscientists Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Pandey and Dr. Narayan Das in order to learn more about this realm.

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