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The house of leopard: Jhalana Safari Park

India is rich in wild fauna and flora. Thus, the Jhalana Safari park adds more vividness to the beauty of India. It is the first leopard reserve which is in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The reserve is surrounded by the oldest mountain series in India, the Aravalli hills. The leopard reserve in Jhalana was identified as the reserve in 2017. In 2016, Jhalana opened to tourists for the first time. 

 The reserve is diverse in fauna and flora and is spread over 20 square kilometres. 

According to the authorities of the reserve, the leopard reserve homes 40 leopards and 5 cubs. However, there are many other animals like desert cats, foxes, jungle cats, Monitor lizards, striped hyenas, porcupines, mongooses, Indian civets, Jackals, and snakes of different kinds. 

As we are talking about the safari, one can also visit the shikari Audi, which is in the middle of the Leopard reserve. The three-storey hunting lodge belongs to the royal families of Jaipur. Plus, it is the animal spotting platform. 

Though, Jhalana Leopard Reserve is open for visitors for all the months starting from 1st January to 31st December, however, the entry time is based on the season. Most of the safari closes due to protection in monsoon, but there are still some measures to compensate for it. Nonetheless, according to experts, one of the best times to visit the Jhalana Leopard Reserve is around November to April. As in that time of the month, the climate is delighted, and everything blossoms around, making it the perfect atmosphere for the Safari Tours. 

Due to the vivid population of leopards, the visitors often see them in minutes entering the safari. As the leopards are circadian, they are easily spotted in plain sight in the daylight, agreeable to the safari and visitors.

One can reach Jhalana Leopard reserve by road. Also, if one is traveling by train, the leopard reserve is 11km away from the Jaipur Junction and 6 Kilometres away from the Jaipur International Airport. 

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