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Rohida Tree: A tree connected with the culture of Rajasthan

The Rohida tree is a representation of wealth and luck in Rajasthani culture.

On the vast culture of Rajasthan, Dimple Arora describes the significance of the Rhoda Tree…

Rohida tree, also known as Tecomella undulate, is a native tree of Rajasthan, India. It is a drought-resistant tree that can grow up to 10 meters in height and has a spread of about 10 meters. The Rohida tree is found in Oman and from southwest Iran to northwest India. Thus, because Rajasthan is mostly found in the desert areas of Shekhawati and Marwar, the trade name for the tree species is desert teak or Marwar teak.

The Rohida tree has been often used for timber, furniture, and fuelwood. The bark, leaves, and flowers of the tree are also used in traditional herbal medicine for their healing properties.
Many traditional Rajasthani houses are made of the wood of the Rohida tree, resulting in a distinctively warm, reddish-brown hue in the interior. Thus, the wood is highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for use in construction in the hot and arid regions of Rajasthan.

Many Rajasthani communities consider the Rohida tree holy. It is frequently planted as a sign of prosperity and good luck in houses and temples. Aside from its cultural and commercial value, the Rohida tree is also ecologically significant; it is an important part of Rajasthan’s dry ecology, giving shade and shelter to a variety of animal and bird species. As a result, the tree’s deep roots aid in soil stabilization and desertification prevention.

However, due to deforestation and overexploitation, the Rohida tree is now facing threats to its survival. Conservation efforts are underway to protect and propagate this important species. Initiatives such as afforestation drives, sustainable harvesting practices, and raising awareness among local communities about the ecological significance and cultural value of the Rohida tree are being taken up by various organizations and government agencies.

Furthermore, the Rohida tree is a crucial component of the arid ecosystem in Rajasthan, with cultural, commercial, and ecological significance. Ensuring its conservation and sustainable use is crucial for the long-term prosperity and well-being of the communities and wildlife that depend on it.

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