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Odisha launches Siren project to alert Elephant movement

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Odisha’s Dhenkanal forest department will install automatic sirens near the national highway to protect elephants from accidents.

About Elephant Siren Project

  • Under this project, Siren tower will be put in the elephant prone areas which will start blaring, when elephants will cross the road for alerting drivers within a distance of up to 1km.
  • As soon as elephants arrive, the siren will ring and red light will be on.
  • Forest officer will also receive a message regarding this on his mobile phone.

Who initiated this project?

The pilot project started by ‘Change’, a voluntary organization that works in the field of elephant protection, will work in collaboration with Dhenkanal Forest Department for protecting elephants. This project has been implemented in Rasasingh area under Dhenkanal Sadar Range, for the first time which is an elephant-prone area. The elephant siren project has been started near Rasasingh and Haldiabahal, along the Dhenkanal-Anugul National Highway 55, on experimental basis.

Where will siren be installed?

The siren tower will be located along National Highway 55 and shall have a red light with a sensor as well as a siren machine.

Significance of the project

The elephant siren project is significant, as it will make elephants safe and the forest dwellers can also stay protected from elephant attacks.

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