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Meet this Rajasthani ‘tree man’ who planted 5.5 lakh saplings…!

Meet this Rajasthani treeman who planted 5.5 lakh saplings out of which 3.5 have grown into full fledged trees. He shares his story of struggle with EBNW Story and here are its experts. Know who this tree man is…

Himmataram Bhanbhu is the ‘tree man’ of Rajasthan who is the recipient of Padma Shri in 2020 and has planted over 5.5 lakh saplings, of which 3.5 lakh have grown into big trees.

In 1975, he was 18 when he was advised by his grandmother that there is no better deed than planting saplings and feeding animals and birds.

The suggestion of his grandmother seeped deep into the mind of the youth, which changed the course of his life. 

Now, Himmaram Bhanbhu, is known as the ‘tree man’ of Rajasthan.

After planting over 5.5 lakh trees, he is giving oxygen worth Rs 12 billion to the masses.

Meet this Rajasthani 'tree man' who planted 5.5 lakh saplings...!

Bhanbhu is a social worker, nature lover, conservationist and environmentalist from Nagaur district in Rajasthan.

He takes pride in his work and urges people to start caring for the environment. Warning people, he says ‘start planting trees or else you shall face the consequences by the year 2040.’

The rising temperatures across the world due to global warming is giving a warning sign to all. Every person might have have to carry oxygen round the clock if the current trend of chopping tree continues,” he said.

Bhanbhu has already converted his six-hectare land into a lush green jungle by planting 11,000 trees. Now there are 300 peacocks, deer and other animals on this land.

Meet this Rajasthani 'tree man' who planted 5.5 lakh saplings...!

There was a time when i was penniless; people used to laugh at me when I used to plant trees. But am glad that I have been able to change their mentality. They have now joined us and are helping us turn this land green, he says.

“Even the peepal tree which my grandmother inspired me to grow has grown and allows around 500 people to sit under it. We celebrate its birthday each year by lighting diyas around it,” he said.

Bhanbhu is 70 now, and aims to plant 2 lakh more trees.

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