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Jawai: The Land of Leopards

Jawai, the leopard's homeland, has around 50–60 leopards living in this area.

Dimple Arora reports on the wildlife of Jawai…

When it comes to safari, our mind creates the mood of open jeep rides watching the animals and nature. With 16 settlements, 9 leopard safari locations, and a 5-kilometer-long water reservoir with a depth of 62 feet, Jawai is dispersed across a radius of 60 kilometers. You will observe the magnificent lava rock creation of mountains in all directions. The ideal path to follow to reach Jawai is indicated by lava rocks at the area’s entrance.

Rajasthan is privileged with many wildlife destinations, among which Bera and Jawai are known as the leopard capitals. Thus, the wildlife location is known by the names Bera and Jawai. Bera is a small village where people live, and Jawai is the name of a complete area where wild animals, birds, and humans all live, so Bera comes under the Jawai region.

In addition to this, Jawai is endowed with a variety of wild animals, including foxes, jackals, sloth bears, blue bulls, blackbucks, wild boars, and leopards. There are 115 bird species found in this area, 65 of which are migratory and can be found from November to mid-April. Flamingos and cranes are prime attractions for visitors.

The main draw of Bera and Jawai is leopards; visitors may see these elusive big cats by signing up for a leopard safari excursion at Jawai Safari. The leopard safari is conducted by the operators twice daily in a specially designed 4X4 vehicle, and it takes around two to three hours to complete.

Jawai is surrounded by huge hills shaped by lava millions of years ago; now the natural caves in those lava hills (the Jawai Hills) have become home for leopards. A leopard safari in Bera or Jawai is a must-do activity since the odds of seeing leopards there are significantly better than in other places where animals may be found. From September through June is the ideal period to engage in this activity.


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