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Functions of the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management

As a research organization, the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) was founded in 2011 to aid in the preservation, management, and repair of Indian coastlines.

The national centre for sustainable coastal management’s mission is to advance sustainable coastlines for the benefit and welfare of present and future generations through expanded collaborations, conservation strategies, academic research, and knowledge management.
Thus, the NCSCM just convened its inaugural general body meeting to assess its success and make plans.

Therefore, the goal of NCSCM is to offer integrated coastal zone management approaches to solve the problems that coastal populations, habitats, and ecosystems confront. To develop and put into practice research-based solutions that support sustainable coastal management practices, the NCSCM works with national and international organizations.

Additionally, the creation of policies, strategies, and initiatives is to support sustainable coastal management. It will also serve as a foundation for tracking and assessing how well these practices are working.

The national centre for sustainable coastal management delivers necessities like food, water, and climate control.
However, several human activities, such as coastal development, pollution, and overfishing, pose a threat to them. With its research, monitoring, and assessment initiatives, NCSCM significantly contributes to the management of coastal ecosystems.
Thus, it collaborates with local communities, NGOs, and government organizations to create and implement management plans that support the sustainable use of coastal resources.

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