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Rajasthan: Cowdung made diyas to illuminate houses this Diwali

This Diwali shall be different as the lamps which were used to illuminate houses will be made of cowdung. 

The process of making cowdung diyas is in full swing at the Hingonia Cow Rehabilitation Center in Jaipur. About two thousand lamps are being made every day.

In the organic farm of Hingonia Cow Rehabilitation Center in Jaipur, devotees of Hare Krishna Movement have taken an innovative initiative to make lamps from cow dung. Due to their eco-friendly nature, there is huge demand coming in from other cities of the state as well as from other states. 

Dried cow dung is first collected to make the lamp. After that, 50 grams of wood powder and 50 grams of ‘gum guar ‘are mixed in about one kg of cow dung, after which it is kneaded by hand. The cow dung is then given a beautiful shape of a lamp. Five to six diyas get ready in a minute. They are dried in the sun for two days. The special thing is that after use, the remains of these lamps can be used as manure.

President of Hingonia Gaushala Raghupati Das said that according to the scriptures, cow dung is used in religious works. That’s why we aim to make 25000 diyas so that people know the importance of cow dung. Along with this, fragrant incense and eco-friendly gaukasht is also being made to be used in Havan and Yagya, he added.

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