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Latest UpdatesNature & EnvironmentBrilliant Bharat: Saving 70 million tonnes of wood via biogas plant

Brilliant Bharat: Saving 70 million tonnes of wood via biogas plant

Approximately 70 million tonnes of wood can be saved from a biogas plant being run by cow dung which will save about 30 million trees from being cut. The production of about 30 million tons of carbon dioxide can also be stopped with it

Brilliant Bharat: Cow dung making mosquito repellants, incense sticks

With the use of lac in cow dung, items like gumla, laxmi-ganesh, kamaldan, dustbin, mosquito repellent incense sticks, candle stand etc. are being made. Training is made to make products made of cow dung at BioVed Agricultural Technology and Science Research Institute, Sringavepur in Kaurihar block of Prayagraj district. Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi, managing director of the institute, says that the dumpling pot is becoming popular. After making the flowerpot from cow dung, lacquer is coated on it.

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