Asiatic Lions are about to translocate

The state government intends to relocate 40 Asiatic lions to the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary. 

The Asiatic lion, one of the strangest and most endangered big cat species in the world, is found in Gujarat, a state renowned for its rich biodiversity and wildlife. The Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat is home to the majority of the Asiatic lions.

Thus, the state government intends to relocate 40 Asiatic lions to the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary. 

This effort aims to protect the lion population from possible extinction brought on by illnesses or environmental risks like natural catastrophes or habitat degradation.

Nonetheless, the lions’ relocation also set up the sanctuary for potential natural dispersal. Thus, it is necessary for the species’ long-term survival. Also, the initiative will produce herbivores in the refuge, increasing the amount of prey available to the lions and helping to raise their numbers.

The project has received preliminary permission from the state of Gujarat. As a result, it is anticipated that it will be finished in stages. The Barda Wildlife Sanctuary will need to be prepared in the first phase, which will require building new enclosures, fencing, and water supplies. The lions will be progressively brought to the region over time once the sanctuary is finished.

The relocation project is an attempt to save the lion population. According to a 2014 analysis by the Wildlife Institute of India, the Barda sanctuary can only sustain 26 lions, which is insufficient for the 40 lions that would be relocated there. Ineffective steps to reduce the risk might result in this conflict being worse once the lions are moved to the Barda refuge.

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