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Javed Akhtar graced JECRC University with his presence

Javed Akhtar met with students of JECRC University in WOW 2023

Javed Akhtar met with students of JECRC University in WOW 2023

JECRC University organized the literature festival, “Wonder of Words,” for the students. The festival focused on the importance and essence of literature in life. Many literary icons were invited to the event to meet and greet the students.

On the third day of the festival, Javed Akhtar, the profound and brilliant writer, novelist, and literary icon, graced the event with his presence. In the session, Javed Akhtar shared many aspects of writing and literature with the students.

Javed Akhtar shared his early life with the students. He shared his experiences and how he entered the entertainment industry. Firstly, he started as the spot boy, where he provided for the film during the production period. After 30 years, he found a keen interest in writing. He wrote many verses, and gradually he understood the method of writing.

While sharing his opinions with the students, he came across the topic “mizaj” and stated, “Writing comes from within.” Thus, if someone does not want to write, they can let it be. “There’s no point in writing without proper attention.”

He also gave his opinion on the relationship between children and parents. Thus, in a healthy relationship, a child tends to learn more.

While addressing the students, Javed Akhtar suggested, “One should find love in what they do.” One should always have a dedicated passion for their job. Thus, it will only enhance their work.

In the session, he also talked about rising misogyny in people. He exclaimed, “A man is someone who doesn’t objectify a woman as a servant.” The session was overflowing with enthusiasm from the students. They learned a lot from the legendary Javed Akhtar.

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