In a world of smartphones, digital detox becomes a mandatory step

Experts exclaims, a digital detox is not sufficient to completely eradicate digital addiction

As technology has advanced, people are more frustrated with digital technology. Thus, many people opt for a digital detox to avoid smartphone addiction. However, a digital detox is not sufficient to completely eradicate digital addiction. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff went on a digital detox for ten days. He stated that “we are addicted to smart devices.”

Nicole Carr, the author of “The shalos” exclaimed that digital detox helps get rid of addiction. Susang-Kim-Pang writes on a digital detox. However, he exclaims that going on a digital detox for a few days is not enough. Thus, people need to be more careful when returning to digital devices.
It is very difficult to not use digital devices in daily life. As many documents and pieces of information are linked to digital devices.

The experts state that one can maintain a 10-day digital detox. However, when returning to the devices, they must be alert. Being away from devices can lead to a bigger problem.
Going for a digital detox in today’s digital world is difficult. However, many people are prioritizing mental health over digital addiction.

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