LifestyleGolden Baba: The Monk who worshipped Gold...!

Golden Baba: The Monk who worshipped Gold…!

Golden Baba passed in AIIMS on June 30 after bing ill from some time

He made headlines for wearing heavy gold and driving around in luxury cars

This is the story of all famous Golden Baba who passed away this Tuesday in New Delhi leaving many stories behind.

He was the monk, which his followers say, worshipped gold. He considered gold as his God and hence surrounded himself with all plush gold jewels.

His love for the yellow metal and his plush lifestyle he adopted despite being a ‘Baba’ is something which continues to be hitting headlines even after his death.

EBNW highlights his five differential features which made him different from others:

His hidden identity: The real name of Golden Baba was Sudhir Kumar Makkar who had a massive fan following. In fact, he also had many criminal cases registered against him.

His love for yellow metal: He was always seen wearing gold ornaments, which weighed several kilos and were worth millions of rupees.

When he started loving Gold: The ‘Golden Baba’ found his love for yellow metal in 1972 when he started wearing gold as it was not that expensive.

Golden Baba started with 40 grams of gold: Initially, he was seen wearing around 40 grams of gold which gradually kept increasing.

And he also wore 14 kilos of gold: In 2019, he was seen wearing 14 kilos of gold during the Kanwar Yatra.

His fleet of cars: Golden Baba also owned over a dozen luxury cars.

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