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Latest UpdatesMeet Aunt K who is busy nurturing young kids as story tellers

Meet Aunt K who is busy nurturing young kids as story tellers

Does you kid love stories, does he makes his own stories, is he living in the story world and does the story world appeal him?

If yes is the answer to all questions, you should introduce him/her to Aunt K or Khushboo who is a performance story teller and story educator who is living a busy life creating newer story educators, storytellers and Little Kathakars who are taught life skills, geography, history and other subjects via stories.

Meet Aunt K who is busy nurturing young kids as story tellers

Khushboo, a Jaipur resident, launched her flagship programme Little Kathakar, promising a holistic development of child via making him learn newer skills and values.

I realised late in life that stories you buy in childhood shapes your persona and make you effective for yourself and others. That is why I am on a mission to tell stories which are adequate for a child’s holistic development,” she says.

Professionally working with children (3 to 12) for past 3 years, she is helping them to connect with themselves and process their feelings while accepting their emotions through stories. They are also introduced to strong values, are exposed to cultural elements and given substantial scope for enriching life skills which is lacking in today’s mainstream educational system.

Khushboo strongly believes in educating hearts first and then the mind and body of a child.

Meet Aunt K who is busy nurturing young kids as story tellers

To implement what she believes in, she has curated separate programmes for different age groups namely Little Kathakar which addresses all communication issues through listening, telling, creating and writing, in the form of stories, poetry, essays, drama, theatre, mind mapping and journaling for 7 to 12 years; Rhythm & Movement Stories which is meant for 6 to 10 years old kids. It deals with concept stories in the areas of folklore, life skills, arithmetic, geography, history and food. Her next programme is Wordletoddledoodle for 3 to 5 years instils love for stories, listening and reading skills along with fine and motor development of your child while the Weave a tale in Classroom is an exclusive training program for teachers on how to use storytelling in classroom setting while Secrets of Storytelling focusses on Parents and Guardians involved in creating a favourable environment for kids.

I use three languages for my Program English, Hindi and Marwari, she says, adding, that ‘being trained in creating and telling stories by Industry stalwarts like Jeeva Raghunathan, Vikram Shridhar, Rituparna Ghosh and Gettanjali Shetty Kaul, I know that Stories are not just heard; but perceived by the five senses.

Khushboo instils confidence in kids. Recently, they performed live on youtube in ‘The Stories with Aunty K programme’ which was a huge hit.

Meet Aunt K who is busy nurturing young kids as story tellers

Khushboo says that she was bitten by the bug of reading during pregnancy and she found her passion and love in the world of stories.

“Stories which I whispered to my child in my womb for the holistic development have taken me on a voyage into the mysterious world of stories,” she adds

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